PS Vita TV – or – play portable games on your TV with a real controller.

Posted: 2013/09/09 in Modern gaming
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In the lines of weird announcements started by Nintendo’s 2D variant of its 3D system, Sony introduced the PS Vita TV.

This strange beast is a TV machine where you can not only stream Hulu and other videos, but play over a hundred PS Vita titles, over six hundred PSP digital games and over six hundred Playstation1 games when paired with a Dualshock3. All over your TV trough HDMI!

Talk about a good set of launch titles!!!


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Being that the portable PS Vita is equipped with a touchscreen, rear touchpad, mic and camera that aren’t included with the Dualshock3 controller, some vita games aren’t playable on Vita TV, even if the hardware include a PS Vita card slot. Regardless, over 1200 titles including over 700 portable games instantly available TV-Console style cannot be a bad thing.

The device will launch in Japan on November 14th at the US equivalent of $100, or bundled with a dualshock3 controller for US equivalent of $150. It isn’t known yet if there will be “international” releases (US & Europe.)

Will this device feature a remote control?

Will it be XBMC compatible somehow?

Regardless, it is quite interesting that Sony / Playstation is getting in the TV devices bandwagon.

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