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Ubisoft achieved something THQ never managed while it was still making video games. That is: announce a final release date for South Park: the stick of truth.



Obsidian Entertainment has been working on this for ages before THQ’s demise, and it was still unclear what would happen to the stick of truth. But here we now know: it has a release date.



Today is a sad day for geeks and gamers. Let’s all remember Hiroshi Yamauchi.
Hiroshi Yamauchi has been the third president of Nintendo, stepping in during 1949 to succeed his grandfather.

Of course, Nintendo wasn’t a video game company at the time. They were a game company. As in, cards. Hanafuda cards. During his reign, the small unknown card company evolved into one of the biggest electronic entertainment corporation. Lots of people will remember him, or what he did, for that sole purpose.

Hiroshi Yamauchi picture courtesy of Kotaku


Not long ago we talked about the awesome coming of the PS Vita TV.

Awesome animated image of PSVitaTV courtesy of Kotaku.

This thing is Awesome! Can play PSP, Vita, PS1, perhaps even PS3! All on your TV with your PS3 controller. A-WE-SOME.

But it might just be awesome for asians, as Sony in their infinite wizdom has apparently figured this thing wouldn’t sell to non-japanese people and is planing on not selling to America.


Maybe we need to contact Sony Computer Entertainment and ask what’s on their mind for Europe and America…


Leiji Matsumoto has a wide anime universe that includes Galaxy Express 999 and Interstella 6666 (Daft Punk?)

And everything space pirate Captain Harlock : several series, movies and spinoffs. The Space Pirate reflects on the future of mankind while mixing old-styled outlawed, skull & crossbone, and planet-saving hero. Sword guns, wheel to control the ship. It is a pirate ship, in space. And it’s been awesome for years.

The first serie was out in late 70s, with a prequel in mid-80s, and everything that followed

Captain Harlock vintage – picture courtesy of

And now its getting the CGI feature film treatment, helped by Shinji Aramaki.