Nintendo 2DS is the 2D version of a portable’s 3D version…?

Posted: 2013/08/30 in Modern gaming
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We all know the 3DS, Nintendo’s 3D version of the DS, the dual-screen version of the Gameboy.

Well, now they are coming up with the 2DS, the 2D version of the 3DS.

Say again? A 2D version of the 3D version of the 2D nintendo DS?

Well, that’s the gist of it, but there’s more to it than that.

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Clearly, they are aiming a younger audience.

First off, the lower price is more family-friendly. Launching at $129.99, it makes it more interesting to purchase it as a christmas present for nieces and nephews.

Then, there’s the non-hinged concept. It looks like a tablet, with joystick, and there is nothing that will break. The first issue with normal flip-top DSs was that the hinges were not kid-friendly and geeks or gamers always tried to prevent youngsters to get their hands on them. Plus, it was becoming a third party revenue to repair or sell parts or cases for those, money that would otherwise have been invested in other titles.

The console is to be released on Oct 12th, the same day DS Pokemon X and DS Pokemon Y are released. Clearly that was a marketing decision – releasing very popular child games at the same time as a child-friendly, cheaper DS variant.

The non-3D adepts will like that the 2DS can play all 3DS games, as well as their favorite DS titles, but otherwise the console doesn’t have much to offer to gamers. Nintendo has always been a child games company, and the 3DS wasn’t exactly in-line with that fact – plus it doesn’t sell as much as anticipated. Is the 2DS a long-term nintendo executive dream come true, or just an answer to the state of the market?

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  2. Serious says:

    If the battery life on these was significantly better than the 3DS, I would consider buying one. But I am put off by the non-hinged design.

    • wereallgeeks says:

      I don’t think the “usual gamer” is the target audience for that machine. Can’t say for battery life, but the non-3D and non-hinged all points to a younger audience, particularly when combined with the lower selling price.

      But, we do use tablets that don’t cover their screens, the PSP / PS vita doesn’t cover its screen, and we’re still using those. The design can’t be all that bad.

      I sure hope we’ll have a good battery life out of it. Perhaps the removal of the 3rd dimension will help in that regard?