Get a golden Ducktales Remastered NES cartridge for free!!

Posted: 2013/08/26 in Games, Geek lounge, Modern gaming
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Remember the Ducktales press kits with the super rare collectible NES cartridge?

Well, according to Capcom-unity there was more produced then distrubited. Limited to 150, the extra press kits are to be given away!

Press kits picture courtesy of

The press kits and golden NES carts aren’t for sale. But they are to be given away: at least one per day until Sept 11th!

It is more of a contest than a giveaway: there is a signing competition and an art competition where you can ducktalify almost anything Capcom. For more details, please refer to the official rules, or the post on Capcom-Unity.

We were under the impression that all 150 (limited edition) kits had been sent to the press. Surprisingly, there is enough to offer them to the greater audience! That will surely spark some massive ebay auction in the time to come. Kudos to Capcom for that press campaign. Might it be a reaction from the press those kits made, or really planned ahead, this is an awesome way to distribute (otherwise almost impossible to get) press kits to the general public.


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