Let the wookie walk.

Posted: 2013/08/24 in 100% Geek, Geekyness
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Anyone who met Star Wars’s Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew were impress how nicely him and his wife Angie are with fans. They like to talk to people, explain where they come from, what they’ve done, how our favorite wookie came to be. It must be the millionth time they say it, but they still love it.

Picture courtesy of PeterMayhew.com

At the same time, fans are always saddened by the difficulty Peter has to stand up.

Peter suffers from Gigantism. while it makes impressive wookies, it also brings health issues. Most importantly, standing up and walking has become increasingly difficult for him. That’s why most fan pictures are with him sitting down: standing up is a tedious task. Peter uses a cane, big enough to stress out airport security.

His health issues never prevents Peter from attending conventions and public events, but is clearly doesn’t make it any easier.

Picture courtesy of PeterMayhew.com

Now, as anyone with illness, he is looking for treatment. And as any celebrities, people are looking for a good story around him. W Ryan Ziegler joined Peter in a venture to do two things: fix Peter’s knees; and film the process into a documentary. How it is to have your knees fixed? How do you learn to walk again? Intertwined with the life as a wookie actor. It is also about gigantism awareness and post-surgery recovery.


More special is that the project is crowdfunded on KickStarter.

Want a big shoe signed in gold? Want to be in the special thanks section of the documentary credits? There’s lots of different incentive for all budgets. Or pledge 1$ to show support and be in the loop.

To visit the kickstarter,  click here.


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