Sonic: Lost World extra level for pre-orders.

Posted: 2013/08/23 in Games, Modern gaming, Retrogaming
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Fans of Sonic rejoice, he’s got a new adventure coming up.  Plus, early birds will have extraneous gameplay!

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Pre-ordering the game unlocks a bonus level, inspired by Sega’s Nights Into Dreams. A whole extra level. that’s cool incentive. Generally pre-orders gives a smaller feature like different stats weapon or special color. Well, this level does unlock a special color ability to use with Sonic once completed. But, it does comes with a Nights Into Dreams inspired level.

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Nostalgics of the 8-bit era might find it strange, but this Sega game is a Nintendo Exclusive. In the best days of 8-bit and early times of 16-bit gaming, The war raged between Sega and Nintendo, and nobody would have even thought that one day we’d see Sonic on any Nintendo hardware. Yet, without recent Nintendo hardware, sonic fans are left in the dark. Since when is Sega and Sonic an advantage of owning latest Nintendo console?

The game is planned for release on 3DS & WiiU on October 18 in Europe, October 22 in America and October 24 in Japan.

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