What’s happening with the stick of truth?

Posted: 2013/08/21 in Games, Modern gaming
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Anyone who followed THQ when they still existed, or anyone who like Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s satirical comedy central animation series, knows that THQ had planned for quite a while to release South Park: The Stick of Truth!

This was one of the most anticipated titles they had lined up, perhaps attracting more upcoming sales than any other of their titles. Problem is: THQ has gone bankrupt before the game was out.


Well, when THQ went down the drain, Unisoft was there to catch this most desired franchise – apparently before the show creators even knew about THQ’s bankrupcy! With a game almost complete, the risk was low, and we’re just happy anyone decided to give it a go, as the Stick Of Truth promised to be AMAZING!

South Park Ubisoft version courtesy of Wikipedia.
Note: more burning then on the THQ box art!

The thing is… THQ had originally planned the game on store shelves (and player shelves) by early 2013. We’re late 2013 now, THQ is no more, and there’s no stick of truth anywhere to be seen…

So, What gives, Ubisoft? We want our stick of truth! All other Ubi games have release dates, can we get one for South Park?

The stick of truth is supposed to feel like a genuine South Park episode. The player plays as the chosen one – the new guy in town. Thus the player can make a custom character: nobody knows what he looks like “yet”… In early promotion, Parker & Stone jokingly said it took years to make the same crappy cardboardy look as we see in the show…! It sure will beat the N64/PC/Playstation adaptation of the Gameboy Color “South Park video game” we had years ago.

Let’s just hope Ubi won’t pull the plug on this one, like they tried to do to Patrice Désilet’s game.

But hey, we’re not the only geeks being worried. The folks at Kotaku are also being paranoïd about it.

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