Disney Infinity is out. Reviews says its more collectibles than game objects.

Posted: 2013/08/19 in Geek lounge, Modern gaming
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Remember Disney Infinity? Now that the game is out and reviews start to emerge from the deep end of the interwebs, we’re seeing what Disney had in reserve.

Disney Infinity image courtesy of smartwhenshouting.com

And apparently, it is more around “selling collectibles” than making a successful game.

At least so far. The Penny Arcade report on the subject is very revealing on the matter: expensive letdown. Remember how this is supposed to be a kid game… but the figurines are more of a collectible than a kid’s toy. Cool for geeks and game collectors, bad for the target audience. Also, characters can’t seem to enter different playsets. Wha??? Ain’t that the whole concept of the game? Anyway, Disney is apparently trying to force players to buy more games for potential coop gameplay. Again, remember this is supposed to be a kid’s game, and parent-child coop gameplay simply cannot occur with only the core boxset.

To add to that, the playsets aren’t fun – even for older kids – and the toybox (which was the most promising idea in this game) isn’t well done. There’s bugs and … well, Disney isn’t exactly on top of things for this release.
Sad, as it looked promising.

Disney Infinity figures on their portal – image courtesy of Penny Arcade.

But the figurines are good display pieces!!


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