What’s in a name, anyway?

Posted: 2013/08/08 in Games, Modern gaming
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a Girl and her Game

I am convinced that every gamer has a story behind their* tag, and, for that matter, that most tags evolve over time. Today, I might introduce myself as GlassArson or, if I play LoL with you, as popaless. These names are not who I was 10 years ago…

In the days before Steam matched your in-game name with your friends-list name, it was a heck of a lot easier to hide from your friends and just wreck in a server. It was also a lot easier to start over, if you so desired. All you had to do was open console and re-name yourself and Bam! you were anonymous once again.

Sure, I had recurring pseudonyms that I pulled out when I just wanted to stomp and not worry about being social. I also have had four distinct gamer tags. I’ll explain the origins of two today:

1. cabooseSarge...I am scared of our new friends...


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