Real life Master Sword being forged before your eyes!

Posted: 2013/08/06 in 100% Geek, Games, Modern gaming
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Ever heard of Tony Swatton? He’s a blacksmith – let’s rephrase that – he’s the blacksmith. He’s behind lots and lots of movie-related swords and armors. Just look at his IMDb page – he’s been credited as armorer, weapon fabricator or other on over 200 feature films. Let’s just say that, when it comes to making swords, he’s the grand guru.

He started a while back to work on a series of youtube videos named “Man at Arms” via the AWE(me) channel.

In the Man At Arms series, Tony Mr. Swatton forges weapons from pop culture. Here we’re talking about Wolverine claws and Klingon Bat’leth. Pop culture includes video games, so there’s also blades from Final Fantasy or Skyrim.



One of his creations is a 1:1 metal replica of Zelda’s iconic Master Sword. All metal, functional, identical to the one in video games. WOW!



What’s really interesting about the Men at Arms youtube videos is that they aren’t just a demonstration of the resulting product, but a step-by-step with explanations on how it was made. It is more of a documentary than a product show-off.

Maybe the geekiest part is knowing and seeing how to make the sword, maybe it is the end-product cult reproduction of the favorite pop-culture blades… Regardless, seeing a Zelda blade being made has something unique. impressive. Most impressive.



That kind of weaponry would certainly look great exposed in or near a display case. Does Tony sell those swords after making them for the Man-at-Arms videos? The Master Sword must be out of price.

Perhaps next to such an awesome sword is the need for an all-metal Hylian Shield? Like the one seen at




Waaaayyy too many cool weapons, way too small game room walls…



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