Fix-it Felix for Sega Genesis -or- when fake retro games become real.

Posted: 2013/08/06 in 100% Geek, Games, Retrogaming
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Once upon a time, Disney made an animation movie portraying arcade game characters. To convey their story, they invented fake old-school video games.

Apparently, fans liked Fix-It Felix Jr. There are reproduction arcade cabinets being made, and now, an emulated sega megadrive game!




That will confuse future generations of retro gamers for sure. Nevertheless, Future Driver, the creator of the fake retro classic port, did an awesome job with the “port”
The game looks awesome and gameplay seems interesting. It is to wonder if/when we’ll see actual cartridges pop up.

Here’s some footage of actual gameplay

It is amazing when fans make such a great job recreating something from their favorite movies. Fix-it Felix sure looked real in the movie, the game design looked genuine, but the game didn’t exist. Disney made cool web-browser games, but what about those who’d like to play with real controllers? Because, keyboards and controllers will never feel the same.
Well, fan-made awesomeness to the rescue, Fix-It Felix can now have a real retro feeling on emulator.

Now if someone can make Candy Rush for N64…


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