Proof: video games can save your life!

Posted: 2013/08/05 in 100% Geek, Modern gaming
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What happens when a 10-year-old Gryffin Sanders realizes grandma has passed out behind the wheel?
He saves the day using (quote) Mario Kart skills.

It has been known for quite a while that video gamers have better hand-eyes coordination than non-gamers. this is due to the nature of using controllers in quick-responses from the games.
With video games emulating real life scenarios, it is not really surprising that youngsters use it as a reference in crisis situations. Simply said, the wheel controls the kart car. Sanders, when realizing grandma wasn’t waking up, took the wheel, avoided traffic, and went to a muddy ditch that slowed, then stopped the car. Nobody was injured. Giving credit where its due, his first answer when reported asked how come he know how to drive: “Mario Kart”!

Kudos for little Gryffin Sanders on his heroic actions, and his mario kart skills.

  1. johnheatz says:

    Yet again, some people say video games are “bad”….

    • wereallgeeks says:

      Media are good at depicting bad aspects of everything, and people are quick to draw conclusions about things they know nothing about. It is easier to depict something scandaleous than to spread good news. Besides sports and politics, what sells involves crimes, violence or blood. Puppies and butterflies don’t sell newspaper membership.

      This news is refreshing,showing a positive side of video games for once. After all, gaming is more and more mainstream as time pass; this kind of news should become more common.