Custom Contra Action Figures – or – What if they made a Contra movie in the 80s and had a line of toys?

Posted: 2013/08/04 in 100% Geek, Geek lounge, Retrogaming
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MintConditionCustom is John Harmon‘s showcase website to expose his custom action figures to the world. When we say custom action figures, we’re talking about those action figures geeks from this world have always wanted to get, but toy companies never made.

His latest creation is just that – toys that never had been produced, from concept that never existed. But that should have.

One of the most famed video games of all times is Contra. Who doesn’t remember the Konami code? Its present in geeks and gamers collective mind even for those who never played the game.

Well, this 1980’s game was greatly influenced by various action movies of its time, so Mint Condition Custom decided it would be a great idea to imagine an action movie of the famous game, and make action figures out of it.

The result is amazing and would certainly look fabulous in any arcade room or display case. Retrogamers will recognize the characters combo for sure. They are apparently on eBay right now – but not for long, ending in less than a day.  Not sure where the bidding war is going to end either.

Mint Condition Custom takes commissions – it is to wonder what will be the next gem out of his workshop.

  1. johnheatz says:

    Holy….!!!! I’ve always wanted Contra action figures!!! And those look exactly like what I had imagined!!

    • wereallgeeks says:

      With the success Contra had, it is surprising no lines of toys were ever published. In the 80s, gaming was more of an underground thing, but with the recent trend in retrogaming, where we see pacmans and marios everywhere, it is surprising Konami didn’t monetize on it.
      I bet MCC might have more than one commission request on that topic.

  2. wereallgeeks says:

    the current bid is currently $102.50, with an hour to go

    • johnheatz says:

      Well, wish I had money for that! But still, being totally honest, I’m sure some Contra figures are worth way more than that

      • wereallgeeks says:

        It ended at $255. For not one, but two custom figures, it is not that bad.
        I wonder if we’ll see more of the Contra figures in the future.

        • johnheatz says:

          It would be awesome to see more of those figures indeed, hopefully I’ll have some money to at least try and get in the bid!

          • wereallgeeks says:

            My hopes are that Konami will get in the collectibles bandwagon and actually do some licenced products. There’s quite a lot of Ubisoft stuff around, there’s angry birds and minecraft products, and even WoW have some collectibles. Nintendo shouldn’t be the only one to capitalize on retro-gaming fandom.