Someone on ebay is selling a 1:1 replica of the H.G. Wells Time Machine

Posted: 2013/08/02 in 100% Geek, Geek lounge
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Fans of The Big Bang Theory might recall S01E14 The Nerdvana Annihilation where one of the main characters ( Leonard ) accidentally purchase – on ebay – a screen used Time Machine prop from the 1960’s movie The Time Machine.

Geek moment: realizing there’s a 1:1 replica of that same time machine on ebay right now!!

But it is going for far more than the $800 unsniped bid of the guys in the show. It is currently advertised at buy-it-now £49,999.00 ( at the current rate of the british pound – about $75,500.00!!! )
Not sold yet, and 2 offers has been rejected so far. The seller – TV and Films Props .com if we believe their pictures – doesn’t seem in any rush.

Beware to not purchase it by accident, like The Big Bang Theory guys!!! …

Kidding aside, the problem with such big movie prop, same problem they had in the TV show, is its actual size. This thing isn’t very small. It won’t fit in a display case, to say the least.

It seems to be very accurate to the movie prop seen in the 60s. It is to wonder where the replica prop builders find all their references to make it that perfect!

The machine consists of the following: The base is made of wood, stained and varnished. The chair is of wood with velour cushioned seat, armrests and foot stool. The bars are made out of steel and the dish is aluminum. The time speedo is brass and the platform on top of the dashboard  which holds the 3 lanterns are also brass. It has a brass lever, with real Austrian crystal on top.

All paintwork on the dish has been professionally hand painted. The only transfers on this machine are on the front dashboard, as they were with the original prop.

Measurements : Length 7 Foot Approximate Width 5 Foot

This Time Machine is a real show piece and will compliment any hall, exhibition or museum.

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