Disney registers Star Wars Attack Squadrons domains

Posted: 2013/07/30 in Modern gaming
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Disney’s LucasFilm division recently registered a slew of new domain names related to a mystery project called Star Wars Attack Squadrons. Some of the names include StarWarsAttackSquadrons.com, AttackSquadrons.com, and StarWarsSquads.org.

It’s not clear right now if Attack Squadrons is the name of a new film, game, both, or something else entirely. But as Fusible points out, Electronic Arts currently owns the domain names AttackSquadron.com and AttackSquadron.net, suggesting the company is involved in the project.

In early May, Disney and EA signed a multiyear agreement that gave the Battlefield publisher the exclusive rights to games for the Star Wars franchise. The first title out of the partnership, a next-generation Battlefront game, was revealed during E3 2013 last month.

That game is in development in Sweden at DICE. Dead Space developer Visceral Games is also working on an all-new Star Wars game, though no details on this project have been announced.

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