Chattanooga Public Library’s arcade machine

Posted: 2013/07/30 in Arcade room, Games, Retrogaming
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Librarian Justin Hoenke acquired and installed a vintage Ms Pacman arcade cabinet at the 2nd floor of the Chattanooga Public Library and set it to free play.

The 2nd floor at Chattanooga Library is aimed at the 0-18 age group; the library wants to increase the sense of community. As they say on their webpage about what teens do at the library ( quote ) “They connect. They laugh. They play. They relax. They share. They read. They make. They grow. They learn.

Ms Pacman might be an older game, but people still connect to it. Gameplay length permits multiple gamers to play one after the other. Simplicity makes it attractive and keeping high scores increase the sense of competition and camaraderie.

Teens seek for somewhere to hang out, and the library can be a more rewarding place than others. Having another reason to hang out there has proven to attracts its audience, regardless of the fact the library already had game consoles. Arcades feels more like a community thing than home consoles.

Having people recreate arcades tends to prove a few points. One of them being that, while console gaming is fun, it will never replace nor recreate stand-up arcade cabinets. It also tends to prove that arcades isn’t just a thing of nostalgia for retro-gamers, but also a community meeting point that has almost vanished, leaving some kind of void.

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