Comedian Dwayne Perkins: Video games are done

Posted: 2013/07/28 in Games
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Dwayne Perkins’ stand-up this week at Conan’s was a little bit tongue-in-cheek rambling about technology and how video games are hitting a wall with visual & interface realism. Of course, the discussion is not around social games or iPhone apps like Angry Birds, but gamers’ favorite AAA titles.

Perkins goes on about how it started with pong (not 100% true – Pong wasn’t the first video game, only the first domestic video game console… nuance) and went on from spinner, to joystick, to controller, to remote, to no controller. (maybe he read our article on the evolution of the Joystick earlier this month?)

From his comedian perspective, why do we want more realism? We’ve been able to play realist games all along! – in reality.

That’s a point. With video games indistinguishable from reality in the near future and having to physically move around to play, why don’t we just get out and do the real thing?

Well, that’s one way to say it. One good way to say it for stand up comics, at least. But, the reality is: there’s more than copying reality. Gaming is interactive entertainment. Its not just about playing, but about storytelling – and interacting. Its about being part of a story, pushing the limits, making something else. Gaming is to society’s 21st century what cinema was to the 20th, and what literature was to the 19th. It is a hobby, it is a way of telling stories, a way of venting frustrations and pushing limits, a way to test skills. And… it is becoming more and more realist.

Something however that needs to be mentioned about Perkins’ standup – he’s talking about games. When was the last time any stand-up comedians even mentioned the words video games?

Comedians talk about things everyone can understand. They talk about weather, or politics. About our way of life. And now, about video games.

Gaming not only has become mainstream, but it has become a normal subject matter we can discuss with everyone. That’s why comedians are starting to opt to talk about games.


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