Coffee vending machine + face recognition software = free coffee!

Posted: 2013/07/27 in 100% Geek, Computers and technology
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Reports says that Dutch coffee company Douwe Egbert found an innovative way to entice potential buyers into their coffee machines. Their machines have been augmented with face recognition software, and dispense a free coffee to anyone who yawns in front of it.  They are confident enough in their product and believe trying a cup will hook customers. in any case, its a good way to go viral!


It is to wonder, however, how a company making face-recognition vending machines bears a name that strikes right into the realms of Dogbert, Catbert and Dilbert…

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  1. wereallgeeks says:

    Yawning -is- contagious!
    Writing this article pushed me into yawning mode. Now I want a coffee!

  2. Genius, love the concept. I wonder how the first person figured it out though.

  3. wereallgeeks says:

    It is to assume there was a marketing campaign to go with it. Otherwise, yawning while waiting to get a coffee isn’t unusual, it might have happened randomly enough for someone to notice the pattern.

    Another question arise: does fake-yawn trigger the free coffee dispensing?

    • I’d say yes, a few people yawn and laugh at the same time in the video.

      • wereallgeeks says:

        Plus, An algorithm sophisticated enough to see a difference would be overkill. The idea is to have people taste the coffee. Fakeyawners just help with the virality of the campaign.

        They should install such machines everywhere!

  4. Good point, agreed free coffee for everyone 🙂