Activision Blizzard Vivendi split apart

Posted: 2013/07/27 in Modern gaming
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Activision Blizzard are purchasing themselves from the French Vivendi in a $8.2 billion deal.

Part of the deal includes that Vivendi keeps 12% ownership of the (again) American gaming company.  Bobby Kotic (COE) and Brian Kelly (Chairman) remains with Activision Blizzard.

That kind of deal isn’t very usual in gaming corporations, and one is to wonder how it came to be. Did the people at Activision and/or Blizzard disliked the decision-making structure of the mega-corporation? Maybe artistic freedom wasn’t as good as they’d want it to be? Or was it Vivendi that decided making video games is too risky for the benefits?

Activision-Blizzard still remains a merged corporation with all the specificity and identity it involves. Blizzard Entertainment for instance isn’t known for following planned deadlines in order to ship a game “in time” but rather to “make it good even it it takes time.” They are also known for making games that aren’t mainstream, that are different. They experiment more.

Perhaps that is something that the newly separated group of game makers want to get to – riskier game experimentations. Larger profit-oriented companies often dislike taking risks. Sadly, in the game making business, risks is key to innovation.

When was the last big game breakthrough by any of the entities?

It is not to say that vivendi wasn’t good with making games, but clashing corporate identity, different continental culture and huge gaps in timezones aren’t there to help making better games.

Apparently people at Activision Blizzard decided they’d be better off without the larger decision maker looking over their shoulders; while Vivendi on their end seems to be completely opting out of being labelled as “game makers.”


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