Lightcycle. For real. And electric.

Posted: 2013/07/25 in 100% Geek
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Its real and its street legal. It goes up to 100 mph and runs on electricity.


Parker Brothers Choppers from Melbourne, FL decided to give a try at this bike – the whole industry said it was impossible. We’re not talking the lightcycle from the original Tron movie, but the one from the sequel. in Tron: Legacy, the body is smaller, and the wheels have no hubs. Neon awesomeness that was meant to be pure fiction.

The batteries can hold a charge up to about 80 miles, long enough for a joyride. The vehicle range in the 55k-70k so it is not for everyone.

To complement such a lightcycle motorcycle, there is that UDReplicas’ officially licensed Tron motorcycle jacket


Sadly, it was limited edition, and seems to be out of production. But hey, it would be a perfect match!


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