Under the dome – or – are media getting out of the Apple hype?

Posted: 2013/07/24 in Computers and technology
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Under The Dome is a SciFi televisual adaptation of Stephen King’s novel and is aired on CBS on Mondays since late June.  Not going into details (no spoilers here) the show happens in a city that is blocked away from civilization, separated by a dome that appears out of thin air.

UnderTheDomeThis week’s episode (s01e05.Blue on blue) demonstrate a bit more the product placement that was already present but in a more subtle manner in previous episodes. In a scene where one of the main character discuss with her fiancé using his tablet, we not only see the tablet in action – a Microsoft Surface – but we also see the OS behind it, which is somewhat rare in television. Generally, we either see “a tablet, or a cellphone” without seeing what it is, or we see it somewhat branded but with edited functionality to match what would look good on screen. Rarely do we see people really use the product in television.


Of course, this is product placement.

They want you to see windows8 in action. Like we’ve seen it in previous episodes in a less active role. But, let’s emphasis on one thing… it shows a non-Apple product. The trend is generally to display the iHyped products, but this TV show uses a less mainstream product, not only by some geek in the show, several characters do.


What does that mean? Perhaps the apple hype has reached its peek? Maybe it is slowly going to a decline phase? Hipsters might steer away from the fruity products in a near-to-medium future in favor of something else, something new or different?

Under the dome isn’t the only TV show that does that.

With Windows mobile and Android grinding their teeth at the current market, Apple should lose some of its share one day or another. Depicting something else in mass media might be a sign of time.


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