Arcade Gamers are Better than You

Posted: 2013/07/23 in Arcade room, Retrogaming
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Don’t let the ambiguous title confuse you, this isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact. We’re not using the word “better” to mean the most popular, most successful, or the ones you’d want to hang out with most. We’re talking purely skill-based. Sure, console controllers have grown in complexity and sophistication with each new incarnation. At times, it seems the game developers feel the need to add additional in-game actions just to account for all the extra buttons. Arcade games, however, are simple, and the joystick reigns supreme. The physical dexterity needed to master the full-handed joystick, as opposed to the thumb-based “joystick” on controllers today, is a thing of beauty. It’s the difference between watching two artists recreate the Mona Lisa, one in Photoshop, the other free-hand.

Here’s a challenge: find the best Halo or COD player you know, and ask them to play Deer Hunter or House of the…

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