Tekken Revolution receiving major update in July

Posted: 2013/07/22 in Games, Modern gaming
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Namco Bandai has announced that its free-to-play fighting game Tekken Revolution will receive a major update this month.

The patch will bring an “enhanced” arcade mode, which features three difficulty levels: normal, hard, and very hard. The higher difficulties will yield better rewards for players. The game’s practice mode will not require gamers to use in-game coins.

In addition, Tekken characters Hwoarang and Dragunov will be added to the game’s roster. New premium effects, special moves, and character costumes will also be available for purchase on the PlayStation Store.

The game’s level cap will also be increased from 50 to 60, while Namco Bandai has confirmed that the effects of the power, endurance, and vigor stats have been adjusted to further balance gameplay. Damage calculations for critical hits and rage have also been tweaked.

Fighting game fans can check out the rest of the update’s features at the developer’s website. The…

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