Branded candy tin for fridge magnets!

Posted: 2013/07/12 in Games, Geek lounge, Retrogaming
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In recent year, the retro gaming and geek styles have attacked the candy market in such a form that those candy are mainly sold in videogames stores. We’re talking of pacman and ghostbusters tin candy container, to name only a few.


Those look great and certainly are easy to succumb to for yourself or to give to friends, but what happens to the tin can once the candy are gone? Hopefully not trashed, wishfully not sent to the recycle bin, but how to reuse them? Collectible? Give them some use? Some are tiny or have odd shapes. Sure, they can look cool in your display case, but surely there’s something better to be done.?

If you have magnets lying around – perhaps from scavenging damaged technology such as hard drives – there’s a solution for you. Combine the both for the geekiest fridge magnets! The tin is magnetic compatible and will hold your magnet in place. The size is appreciable to give some leverage to pull them. Depending on the magnets used, the will have appreciable pull to hold things. Plus, they look awesome on your fridge.

Candy tin with magnets

Costless geekiness DIY at its best.


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