HTPC to Dolby pro logic via 2-channel connectors? Sure!

Posted: 2013/07/04 in Audiovideo, Home Theater
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What’s interesting with home theaters is to be able to watch “anything” <— anything includes youtube, netflix, your digital camera’s content or the rips of your own DVDs.

That’s why a good media center is of great value. Home Theater at its best.

Now, keeping in mind the idea that first implementation – proof of concept – shouldn’t require all brand new equipment, and going with that “all-in-one home theater” you had laying around… how do you connect your 5.1 PC into your L/R dolby audio “receiver”??
Xbox360 surround trough HDMI into the projector and back to the L/R aux input of the amplifier does wonder. However, the same strategy isn’t as applicable when comes the HTPC. Unless the computer is equipped with HDMI out – which isn’t the case here – the situation isn’t the same.
Somehow one could assume that inputting dobly to the projector would spew out dolby..? but it might not be the case. Or that dolby out might output complete silence to the surrounds, somehow.

Best is to connect the output of the HTPC directly into the input of the receiver, and avoid in-between processing.

As far as software goes, tell your computer to output plain old stereo PCM. Dolby pro logic’s matrix will apparently be built around it. It is good if you tell your media player to play 5.1 dolby surround. What’s going to happen is the the media player will play all those channels, but they’ll be outputted as L/R audio that will be processed by the Dobly audio processor and brought back to 5.1.

Seems to work here. Voice aren’t heard in the surrounds, only SFX/music.  However, passing trough HTPC seems to somehow lead to louder L/R/C channels and make surrounds somewhat quieter. And there’s less deepness than passing trough XBOX’s HDMI.

But it works. Home theater at it’s best!


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